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Fires are classified according to where they occur, including buildings, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, forests, fields, etc. Statistics reveal that more than 20,000 fires have occurred in Taiwan in the past 20 years. Building fires account for 70% of those fires. This shows that we cannot delay in taking precautions.

Zone C: Fire Zone (1F)

Learn about Fires

Sources of Fires

Put out Fires


Put Out Fires with Firefighters

What Should You Do in a Fire?


Smoke Simulation Room

Children younger than 7 years must be accompanied by a parent or teacher.

Service priority is given to groups with reservations.

After groups with reservations are completed, the room is open to people with no reservations. Please refer to the on-site announcement and queue up (6-10 people per session).


VR (Virtual Reality) Fire Extinguishing Experience

Children younger than 12 years old are not allowed in the experience.

Open during regular hours.

Disaster Prevention Painter & Dining Area/Special Exhibition Area

Disaster Prevention Painter (1F)

The area provides scanning and panoramic projection of drawings: free drawing paper and crayons for children to draw to their hearts‘ content; the machine on the side can scan the completed drawings, project them onto the wall, and make them move vividly!

DIY Steps

1.Take Drawing Paper

Each person is allowed 1 sheet only; please use resources wisely.

2.Take Crayons

One family is one unit; multiple people can share a set of crayons.

3.Scanning (to be performed by adults)

After the drawing is completed, place the drawing paper horizontally below the scan machine.


Wait for about 20 seconds, and the drawing will be projected.


Dining Area/Special Exhibition Area (B1)

The B1 level is where reservation groups may eat food they bring with them. This level also has a special exhibition area set up where exhibitions will be held from time to time. People of all ages are welcome to stay updated with the latest news about the Taoyuan Disaster Education Center!