Abouts TDEC

Phase one was a new construction project for the building:

The Taoyuan Fire Department commissioned the Office of Public Construction, Taoyuan to oversee the project. During this period, we experienced the bankruptcy of the construction company and interruption to the implementation of the construction plan, but it was finally completed in 2017 after several re-tenders. Good things require time and effort! Despite all the difficulties, the Fire Department and the Office of Public Construction continued with their efforts and pushed forward the progress, laying down the foundation for the basic facilities of the building.

Phase two was the turnkey project for interior decoration and display facilities:

The professional workers of the Fire Department’s internal fire prevention, disaster prevention, training, construction and maintenance, information and communications, and rescue and disaster relief departments were assembled to form task forces. Together with the exhibition decoration, architecture, multimedia, modeling, air conditioning, surveillance, and art creation vendors, cross-domain teams were set up to jointly plan and prepare the software and facilities of the training center and disaster prevention center. The task forces collected different requirements, determined the order of priority, and consolidated them into a request for proposal (RFP) and engineering languages.

Training Center and Disaster Education Center, Taoyuan Fire Department is a multi-purpose venue, based on the founding concepts of “education promotion, disaster relief training, and smart technology”. It provides professional firefighting training internally, while it is open to the public for disaster prevention experience and exhibitions.