[Rescue CO Operation] Booking Rules and Guidelines

Appointment |

the 1st of every month, appointments are open. and appointments are stopped 7 days before the appointment

Game Session(s) |

Every Tuesday to Saturday 09: 00, 10: 30 a.m., 1: 30, 3: 00 p.m.

Check-in |

1. Please go to the 1F service desk of the Disaster Education Center before the start of the booked session. Inform them that you are a player participating in the Room Escape, and you will be further assisted.

2. Being late for more than 10 minutes will be considered a voluntary waiver of participation.

Please Note |

1. Booking is required. Number of players per game session is 4-6 people.

2. The game difficulty level is high. At least four of the participants must be in junior high school or above.

3. Participants under age 6 are not allowed. Those aged 6-12 must be accompanied and looked after by parents.

4. The use of mobile phones, cameras, or any form of recording is not allowed during the game session.

5. If any items are damaged due to failure in following instructions, the Center may demand compensation and terminate the game.

6. If you have any other questions, please call the Center during office hours: Mr. Lin (03)365-5119#527