Abouts TDEC

Taoyuan Disaster Education Center is the city’s first disaster prevention exhibition site that combines technology, entertainment, and education - a pioneer in the entire nation. The Center has five main exhibition areas, including Natural Hazards, Fires, Home Safety, Prevention and Response, and Firefighter Brigade. There are six highlights : drawing and AR animation of fire trucks for children; real-time response AR-based CPR; home safety problem-solving; VR firefighting experience; smoke exposure experience room; and earthquake experience platform. The purpose is to help the public understand disaster prevention concepts through experience.

1. The total cost of construction and interior decoration projects was NT$329.23 million.

2. The entire lot size is 9,125 m2. The building has 2 floors underground and 3 floors above ground. The total floor area of​the building is 7,344 m2.